My “papers”

  1. N.B. :
    For those looking for a reason to delete this posting, for example
    “You’re selling your services with it”, let me be perfectly clear:

  2. 1.Due to health considerations, I’ve retired from my active training
    and behavior modification work.

  3. 2.I don’t sell any products.

  4. 3.I do not give lectures, seminars, workshops or the like.

  5. 4.I live in a fairly remote part of Switzerland where neither
    you nor your friends are.

Paper 1: Literature Review – “But I thought.....”

Paper 2: Is Learning Theory Enough?

Paper 3: Drive - What is it, What isn’t it?

Paper 4: folded into Paper 6

Paper 5: Why you DON’T always need to feed after each click

Paper 6: Integrative Canine Fear Toolbox with some “new”, evidence based tools
                 GET yours here   (It’s really more of a 2-part book: Part 1 - Theory, Part 2 - Practice)

Shock Collar Experiments:

  1. Explanation of the experiments

  2. 1.Experiment 1  Experiment 1.pdf    
    Video of subjects 1-3   Video of subjects 4-7

  3. 2.Experiment 2  Experiment_2.pdf  
    Video of Subjects

  4. 3.excerpt of a BBC1 broadcast showing shock collars
    being used to simulate the pain of osteoarthritis

"If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals."

-- Albert Einstein